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Immediate Dentures

When a patient is in need of all their existing teeth to be extracted, immediate dentures can be an excellent treatment plan option for them.  A denture can be made and ready the day of a patients teeth extraction appointment which can be placed immediately following extractions.  The benefits of this treatment is the patient will not be without teeth and the denture will help cover and protect the areas of extractions.  Chewing and speech will be among the first challenges with any new prosthesis. Over time the lips, tongue and muscles in the mouth will adjust and the dentures will start to feel more natural and more comfortable.  The ridges that support the new dentures will go through re contouring and reshaping as they heal.  This is generally a period of six months from when the teeth are first extracted.  At the six month period, an Immediate Denture will need to be relined to ensure a nice fit against the supporting ridge, or a replacement denture can be made.

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